A wonderful village in the world where most people twin

‘Kodhini’. This village in Malappuram district of Kerala is now known as the twin village. If you look anywhere, you will see the same person in pairs. This village is a wonderful village in India and the world. Because here is the most twin bus in the world.

The latest figures show that out of the total 2,000 inhabitants of this village, there are 227 twin twins. Where there is an average chance of getting an average of one thousand twins all over the world, the twin rate is 12 percent in Kodhini.

The village is water-borne on three sides and surrounded by greenery, most of its inhabitants are Muslim. India has a lower record of twin births than most other countries in the world, but this coffin has spread to the rest of the region. All kinds of twins can be found in Kodhini village. Normal twin or non-Identical twin and look exactly the same

The Ideological Twin. Two twin brothers and sisters are also found here. But why is there such a large number of twins in this village? The idea of ​​the locals is that the first twin baby was born here in the 5th. Since then the number has jumped every year. According to some, this happened due to the environment and genetics of the village

Not only in this village but also the women who were married outside the village, they were born twins Gave. Naturally, everyone has to be confused about this strange event in Kodhini village. Because sometimes they can’t separate two people with the same look.