does not sleep without eating 5 kg of mud every day!

Karu Paswan, age one hundred. Resident of Sahebganj in Jharkhand, the 26th state of India. He was born in the 5th. Indian media is called, this old man of Jharkhand regularly eat mud. He does not sleep without a kilogram of mud. To see this old man eat the mud in his house by the far man’s eel.

Karu Paswan said he had been in the habit of eating this mud since he was eleven years old. In the meantime, the habit has become addictive. Asked why he was eating mud, he said that from an early age he was forced to eat mud to fill his stomach with appetite. His childhood was spent hunting for food.

He had to fill his stomach without getting food. There is a lot of food in the face of scarcity. So the eleven-year-old gave a piece of bread to the siblings. And fill his stomach with mud.

Then the pressure of poverty increased. Despite having to put rice in the mouth of ten children, he had to eat mud to fill his stomach. He never let his children touch his hands. He filled himself with mud and filled his stomach day after day.

“Thus, he used to get more mud to finish himself, frustrated by the ongoing financial crisis,” he said. Now, I can eat rice, but one kilogram of mud does not sleep. ”Despite this intoxication, the elderly remains healthy.

Someone’s older son, Sia Ram Paswan, said family members tried to stop him several times, but could not. By the way, he turned around in the field and raised mud.

On 27, the Sabar Agricultural University of Bihar honored him with a special award for this rare diet. He is not proud of this at all. Because this disposition reminds us of the reason for this intoxication.