The village does not need windows!

Satni Sinapur is a small village in western Maharashtra. The inhabitants of the village are about five thousand. However, it is surprising that there is no house or door in this village. The whole family is open even when all the family members visit. Because there is no thief in this village. And this village or hill itself is the Saturn deity.

According to the villagers, about three hundred years ago today, a piece of stone and another piece of iron were floating in the small river flowing through the village. The village shepherds saw it and pulled it with a stick. Then blood started flowing through the river. At night, the stone was transformed into a statue of the god Saturn.

In the morning, the villagers can see the statue in the open area of ​​the village while the garland is worn on the neck. Later, a devotee told the devotee that there was no need to install a door in the villager’s house. He will save them. Since then the villagers have been obeying this instruction of the deity.

Balasaheb Bardi, a resident of the village, said that the power of the god Saturn is such that after stealing overnight after stealing, he will feel that he has left that village. But in the morning he can see where he was at night

The idea that thieves will not come is so rampant in the village that the door to a branch controlled by the state-controlled UCO Bank is also open. All the money deposited in the bank is kept in a vault. And the door to the glass-filled office is also kept open. The door is kept open so that the dog cannot enter at night.

About this, the bank’s employer, Nagendra Sherawat, said, “We have no problem.” In that decade, a Hindu film was made in the village.